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Serving the Lowcountry for the past 8 years, Georgia Forestry Mulching provides a complete solution to land clearing, tree removal, hydroseeding and erosion control.

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Our ServicesLand Clearing, Tree Removal & Erosion Control

Land Clearing

Forestry mulching offers a cost effective, eco-friendly option for land clearing and erosion control. This one step land clearing solution provides not only a more affordable way to clear land but the process is less invasive, perfect for those who want to keep trees and not clear everything on a site. Forestry mulching techniques do not effect the feeder roots of remaining trees and leaves the job site with a beautiful landscape of shredded mulch from the underbrush, vegetation and trees that were mulched down.

Tree Removal

In situations where forestry mulching is not an option or for those with only a few trees in need of felling, GFM offers tree removal service complete with stump grinding. One tree or one thousand, we're equipped to handle your needs quickly and efficiently.

Erosion Control

Land clearing in situations where erosion is a concern is where forestry mulching really shines. As a safe and effective means of clearing unwanted trees and underbrush while leaving the soil structure in place, forestry mulching leaves the resulting surface with a natural erosion barrier that breaks down over time, returning nutrients back to the soil. In situations where forestry mulching isn't enough, mechanical means of erosion control can be seamlessly implemented to ensure long term results.

Silt Fencing

Silt fence, sometimes referred to as a filter fence, retains the soil on disturbed land until activities causing the disturbance are complete and sufficient time has passed for permanent soil stabilization to begin. The term Filter Fence is sometime inappropriately used in lieu of Silt Fence or Silt Fencing due to silt fencing typically being used to prevent construction debris from exiting job site areas. When properly installed, damage from runoff to waterways and areas adjacent to the worksite can be mitigated.


A process of applying a slurry of water, seed, mulch and fertilizer, hydroseeding is an inexpensive, efficient way to grow grass. Hydroseeding allows large areas to be covered quickly. Grass takes root faster than other methods of propagation, such as overseeding and plugging and is far more economical compared to sod. Hydroseeding is often used effectively as part of an erosion control program and can be used anywhere quick take-up of grass is desired, including residential yards, right-of-ways, etc.

Herbicide Application

Maintenance of cleared property is typically handled using chemical application of herbicides. Land reclamation after clearing requires a systematic approach to ensure desired property use type. In situations where land is to be kept clear or repurposed, herbicide application may be implemented.

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